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How To Make Your Own Diamond Painting How To Make Your Own Diamond Painting Diy Tutorial Featured

How to Make your Own Diamond Painting | DIY Tutorial

Diamond painting is a fun way to decorate your walls and give them some extra shine. It’s easy to do, too! All you need is a little effort, the right materials, and some time.

If you’re ready to try this at-home DIY project for yourself, here’s how:

Gather Supplies

  • Get a canvas, paint, diamonds, and a brush
  • You can get canvas at the store or online
  • You can get paint at the store or online (you’ll need to make sure it’s acrylic)
  • You could also use acrylic paints if you don’t want to use watercolors; these are easier to control because they’re thicker than watercolors but still soft enough to layer over other colors without looking messy!

Prepare the surface

Now that you have the canvas and paints, it’s time to work on the surface. Before you touch any surfaces or put your fingers in your mouth, wash them with soap and water. Then dry them with a towel or paper towel so that you don’t accidentally get paint on them.

Next, make sure that your entire area is dry before painting! If there are any damp spots on the canvas (this can happen if it rained), dab at those spots with an old cloth of some kind until they’re gone, and then let everything air out completely before moving on to step 3 below (the actual painting).

Lead or copper foil

Take a piece of lead or copper foil, and cut it into different sizes. The size depends on your desired size of the diamond painting. For example, if you want to make a large diamond painting with many individual diamonds, then use larger pieces of foil than if you only wanted to make small ones.

Use a ruler to make sure that the edges are straight before cutting them into shapes. This will ensure that they are all straight and even so there aren’t any gaps between them when placed next to each other in order for them not to look awkward or out of place when assembled later on down the road!

White paint and brush

It’s important to use acrylic paint for this project, as it dries quickly and doesn’t stain. You can find inexpensive acrylics at the drugstore or Walmart.

If you’re using a small, fine-tipped brush (also known as a detail brush), then I would recommend going with an off-white color like white or cream; these will blend in nicely with your colored diamonds!

If you have larger paintbrushes that are intended for walls and furniture projects then they may work better than smaller ones because they have more bristles per inch which makes them less likely to get clogged with pigment or dirt while painting.


Diamonds are small pieces of plastic and can be purchased in a kit. They are also available at many craft stores and online.

The first step is to cut the top off of your diamond so that you have two sides with no edges.

Next, hold one side against itself while you slowly pull it away from itself until it looks like a circle with two sides touching (like an ostrich egg).

Now use your pencil eraser to roll out some thick paint onto one side of the piece; you will want to cover all parts except where there is still a thin line left behind after rolling out thick paint on top!

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Diamond painting is easy and fun!

Diamond painting is easy, fun, and a great way to relax. It’s also a great way to spend time with friends and family while getting creative.

You can use any kind of paint that you have on hand: acrylics, acrylics mixed with glitter, or even just watercolors! To make it even more interesting you can add glitter if you’d like!

There are many different ways that we can get creative when it comes down to diamond painting so how about we start off by creating our own design?


Diamond painting is a fun way to decorate your home or give it as a gift. It’s easy, and you can use supplies that you already have on hand. You’ll need some white paint, a brush, and some diamonds available at any jewelry store. The only thing that isn’t really necessary is an extra pair of hands!

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