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What To Do With Leftover Diamond Painting Beads Easy Tips What To Do With Leftover Diamond Painting Beads Featured

Easy Tips: What To Do With Leftover Diamond Painting Beads

When you’re painting with diamond painting beads, there’s no need to throw anything away. In fact, these little bits of glass can be used on so many projects that it might seem like you’re wasting money! But don’t worry: we’ve got plenty of ideas for how you can use leftover paint when making jewelry or mixed-media art pieces.

Use them in your jewelry projects

There are so many different ways to use your leftover diamond painting beads. Here are some ideas:

  • Use them in earrings: You can mix and match the colors of your earrings to create an exciting look. For example, you could use white beads with black stones or red beads with blue stones.
  • Necklaces and bracelets are also great places for these colorful gems! They’ll make a statement without being too flashy or loud, so they’re perfect for everyday wear!
  • Rings aren’t just for women anymore; men can wear them too! A ring made from diamond painting beads looks great when paired with other types of jewelry (especially rings). Try pairing one with a cute necklace or bracelet–you’ll love how unique it looks!

Make a bracelet

  • Use a beading thread to make a bracelet
  • Attach the bracelet to your chain or necklace with another length of beading thread

Make earrings or a necklace

To make earrings or a necklace, you’ll need to open the bead and close it again. To do this, use needle-nose pliers to squeeze the ends of each wire together so they’re held together by pressure only. Then use your fingernail or tweezers to grasp one end of an individual strand inside each closed loop that’s formed by your fingers on top of each other (you may have to open up this little loop if it’s too tight). Pull up gently on both ends until they meet in between your fingers–this will leave you with two separate strands inside where before there was only one!

Now take those new strands out one at a time and string them onto whatever project you want to be made from them: maybe an earring? Maybe a necklace? Whatever works best for YOU!

What To Do With Leftover Diamond Painting Beads Easy Tips What To Do With Leftover Diamond Painting Beads 1

Add them to a mixed-media art project

If you’re looking to experiment with your leftover diamond painting beads, here are some fun and creative ways to use them:

  • Use them as a collage. You can use the tiny glass beads as embellishments on larger pieces of paper or even paint directly onto their surface. If you don’t want to mess with glue or tape, try using them in place of buttons!
  • Use them in mixed-media art projects. Try using these little treasures in your own creations! If you’re feeling ambitious, try layering multiple types of ink pens over top of each other (like an old-fashioned tattoo), then adding more diamond painting beads for texture and interest; this will give your finished piece a vintage feel without being too busy or heavy-handed like some patterns might be perceived by others around you who aren’t quite sure what “you” mean by ‘vintage.’
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Make an entire outfit out of them!

If you’re like me and have a good amount of paint left over from your last project, then this is the perfect way to use it! You can use these leftovers to make an entire outfit.

If you want a necklace or earrings but don’t have any beads, just add some paint. If there’s still too much leftover and nothing else in sight that needs painting, then just put your bare hands on top and create some art! This works great as long as everything is dry before trying this out though–it would be hard for us humans not even try something new once we’ve gotten used to one thing (like how kids always try new foods).


If you’re looking for some extra uses for your leftover diamond painting beads, this list has given you some ideas. They’re great for all sorts of projects, and there’s no reason not to use them!

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