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Are Diamond Painting Colors Universal? Exploring the World

Diamond painting has gained immense popularity among craft enthusiasts and art lovers alike. Combining the relaxing nature of paint-by-numbers with the sparkling allure of rhinestones, diamond painting allows individuals to create stunning, shimmering masterpieces. However, one question that often arises in the diamond painting community is whether the colors used in diamond paintings are universal. In this blog post, we will delve into this intriguing topic, examining the concept of universal colors in diamond painting and exploring the factors that influence color variation.

Understanding Diamond Painting Colors

Diamond painting relies on a vast array of colorful resin rhinestones to bring the artwork to life. These tiny, faceted gems come in a multitude of shades and hues, creating a palette that allows artists to add depth and vibrancy to their creations. The colors used in diamond paintings are typically categorized using a numbering or lettering system, which helps in identifying and organizing the rhinestones during the painting process.

1. Numbering and Lettering System:

To maintain consistency and facilitate ease of use, diamond painting kits often employ a numbering or lettering system to represent different colors. Each color is assigned a unique code, allowing artists to follow the provided patterns accurately. For instance, a popular numbering system used in diamond painting kits is the DMC (Dollfus-Mieg & Company) thread color system, which is widely recognized in the cross-stitch and embroidery community. While DMC codes are not universal to diamond painting, they offer a standardized reference point for color identification.

2. Color Variation and Personalization:

One aspect that distinguishes diamond painting from other art forms is the ability to personalize the color choices. While kits often come with predetermined color palettes, artists have the freedom to deviate from the suggested colors and use their own combinations. This creative freedom allows individuals to infuse their own artistic vision into the piece, making it unique and personal.

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Factors Influencing Color Variation

While the concept of universal colors in diamond painting is not straightforward, several factors contribute to color variation within the diamond painting community. Understanding these factors can help artists navigate the world of diamond painting and create visually stunning artworks.

1. Manufacturer Discrepancies:

Different diamond painting kit manufacturers may use their own color numbering or lettering systems, leading to discrepancies in color representation. This means that a particular shade of blue in one manufacturer’s kit may not perfectly match the same shade in another manufacturer’s kit. Therefore, it is essential for artists to purchase additional rhinestones from the same manufacturer or ensure consistency within a single project to maintain color uniformity.

2. Lighting and Viewing Conditions:

The lighting and viewing conditions under which diamond paintings are observed can significantly impact color perception. The same color may appear differently in various lighting environments, such as natural daylight, artificial light, or under different angles. This variation can make colors appear brighter, duller, or even shift in hue, thereby affecting the overall visual experience of the artwork.


While the notion of universal colors in diamond painting is complex, the art form offers immense creative opportunities and personalization options for artists. The numbering and lettering systems used in diamond painting kits provide a standardized framework for color identification, although there may be variations between manufacturers. Additionally, the artistic freedom to deviate from predetermined color palettes allows artists to infuse their own personality and vision into their creations. It is crucial to consider factors such as manufacturer discrepancies and lighting conditions that can impact color perception. By embracing these factors and understanding the nuances of diamond painting colors, artists can create breathtaking artworks that sparkle with their unique expression. So, let your creativity shine and embark on the enchanting journey of diamond painting!

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